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Posted May 11, 2018 in ServiceNow

A Game Changer – The Excitement at ServiceNow Knowledge 18

What’s all the buzz about? 18,000 people descended upon Las Vegas this week to attend ServiceNow’s annual customer conference, up 3000+ people from last year’s conference. It’s clearly where all the cool kids are hanging out, and the timing of the conference couldn’t be better. ServiceNow is just coming off a tremendous first quarter report on April 25th, posting 40% year over year revenue growth, and with sights of being a $10 Billion company just up ahead.

New customers, many of whom are here, are buying ServiceNow for IT Service Management. Recently though, ServiceNow expanded their product portfolio and many new customers are also looking to buy ServiceNow for HR, Customer Service Management, Security Operations, and Governance, Risk, and Compliance now too. This isn’t your older brother’s ServiceNow anymore!

Building upon their growth and recent expansion, ServiceNow launched a new logo this week at Knowledge 18, signifying the beginning of a new chapter. For those who helped write ServiceNow’s last chapter, you know it was all about IT Service Management, which is software that manages IT support tickets. This chapter however, is about changing the way we work – “Making the world of work, work better for people”. This is represented by the new logo’s fluid, flowing pastel colour scheme and its new bold purpose.

Rewarding? Yes. Challenging? Yes. But why can’t it happen? When John Donahoe, CEO of ServiceNow, talked about this purpose in his keynote presentation, he made it sound logical, and more importantly, possible. We can get things done quite easily in our personal lives. We’re a click and swipe away from the product or service or information we want. Why can’t we have that same experience at work? Why is it, at work, we’re confronted with process, archaic interfaces, and systems that do not know who we are, and do not know our preferences or history. We should all expect the same connected, intuitive experience at work, as we do in our personal lives. It is with this thinking that ServiceNow has a chance to digitally transform our world of work, by bringing the enterprise together to deliver the HR, Customer Service, Security, Facilities, and Risk Management services we now come to expect.

Knowledge 2018 is unlike many of the other conferences you and I have been to. Knowledge is a conference run by the people, for the people. There are over 400 sessions where customers present how they’re using ServiceNow to change the way they work. A true community event where ideas are shared, and mistakes, and errors are discussed. The true power of ServiceNow is its ability to let customers tailor its built-in functions to their unique work environment, and who better to talk about this than the people who put it together. There are so many notable examples of how companies are using ServiceNow to connect and automate a series of tasks to get something done in seconds, that previously took hours, days, or weeks to do before ServiceNow.

I applaud John Donohoe for putting this challenge out. As humans, we only feel a sense of accomplishment and a level of satisfaction when we earn it by putting the effort in, wiping the sweat from our face, and breaking through the roadblocks and temporary plateaus along the way. Sounds like fun to me! John, count me in and count Scalar in. Let’s start NOW.

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