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Posted April 20, 2017 in Security

Do You Know Where Your Cyber Security Procedure Comes up Short?

With data breaches on the rise both in Canada and abroad, it’s never been more important to have a robust cyber security posture. Data thieves, nation-state actors, and internal vulnerabilities continue to present a clear and present danger to the integrity of sensitive company information, and even a single data breach could be extremely costly. Consider these facts:

Clearly, the cyber crime blight shows no sign of abating, but are businesses doing enough to protect themselves from data thieves and other cyber security threats? In many cases, unfortunately, organizations are woefully unprepared to prevent or respond to a breach. Given both the breakneck rate at which new threats emerge and the vast number of possible cyber security vulnerabilities that exist within today’s complex network environments, it can be difficult to fix every weak link in your cyber security chain.

Often, damaging data breaches occur because the targeted organization failed to have a proper plan in place to not only identify a threat, but effectively respond to it. If your cyber security procedure has a glaring weakness, you will be at risk for any number of malware attacks, intrusions, and internal vulnerabilities.

Given the amount of damage that a single breach can cause and the role that a faulty cyber security approach may play, the question businesses should be asking themselves is this: “Where does my cyber security procedure come up short?”

Is your organization adequately safeguarded against cyber security threats?

Is your organization adequately safeguarded against cyber security threats?

Falling for the ‘silver bullet’

Many businesses have moved well beyond the “antivirus, firewall, and a prayer” approach to cyber security, taking advantage of more advanced tools like SIEM and security operation centres. Those shiny new cyber security toys offer major upgrades in terms of identifying malicious activity on your network, but even they may not be able to flag every breach before the damage is done.

With that in mind, it’s important to recognize that there is no such thing as a “silver bullet” when it comes to cyber security. Effective cyber security posture requires the routine analysis, upgrade, and sometimes even overhaul of your tools and procedures. Becoming too enamoured with any single tool could lead to complacency – and a complacent organization is a vulnerable one.

Effective cyber security comes down to an organization’s mindset and culture.

Focusing on tools, not people

The other danger in putting too much emphasis on individual tool sets is that businesses can lose sight of what really makes effective cyber security go: the people executing it. You can have the best cyber security solutions money can buy, but if your employees are not properly following procedural best practices, you will continue to be at risk.

Forbes contributor Dan Woods compared the ideal level of threat readiness to the rigid security procedures adhered to by such diligently trained personnel as Secret Service agents. Even in the most exceptional of circumstances, those professionals react swiftly and decisively because threat response procedures have been thoroughly ingrained in them through consistent training.

Likewise, organizations can drastically improve incident response and remediation by hammering home cyber security processes with all relevant stakeholders. That way, when a breach occurs, your IT or security team springs into action to address the threat and mitigate the damage as quickly and effectively as possible. Comprehensive training also equips employees with the know-how needed to spot widely used – and very effective – cyber security threats like phishing emails. In many ways, your staff serves as the frontline against potential intrusions, and diligently training them on the ins and outs of data security best practices will put your organization in the best position to stop a breach in its tracks.

At the end of the day, effective cyber security is as much about the mindset and culture your organization cultivates as it is the collection of tools in place to identify and remediate malware threats. At Scalar Decisions, we understand that cyber security is a constant and ongoing pursuit, and can provide everything you need, from assessment and training to remediation and compliance auditing, to establish the most robust cyber security posture possible. Contact one of our IT experts to learn more today.