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Client Story

Toronto-Based Eggplant Picture & Sound Excels at Post-Production with Mistika Ultima Hero Suite

Creative studio enhances post-production performance with scalable, interactive, and real-time workflow system.

Eggplant Picture & Sound

Toronto, ON

Media + Entertainment


Streamline the production workflow process

  • Editing, visual effects, composition, and colour all managed within one workflow
  • Mistika Ultima


Post-production company Eggplant Picture & Sound is located in downtown Toronto’s production community. Eggplant’s boutique post-production facility has grown into a robust, full-service, 4K compliant creative studio covering video and audio post, motion graphics, animation, VFX, and 360/ VR. Established in 1996, the studio has flourished, growing its capabilities, but always utilizing SGO’s Mistika (formerly Jaleo) as its central work horse.

Servicing a plethora of producers, distributors, and marketers, Eggplant Picture & Sound creates all manner of content, including TV shows, feature films, advertising, and Netflix projects. With their hands in many jars, the media company must have a formidable approach to technology to handle these projects, allowing them to compete on the world stage.

As Dan Wong, Eggplant’s Managing Director puts it, “We have no geographical borders in production. Our projects come from all over the world, so we need to be in a place where we can compete both on budget and technological efficiencies.”

Eggplant Picture & Sound


Scalar’s Media & Entertainment team provides Eggplant with technical services for system integration (hardware & software), production pipeline, training, and technical support. Bringing extensive industry knowledge and innovative strategies to the table, Scalar is on hand to guide Eggplant, supporting the expansion into new markets. “Scalar is always on point for any issues we have; they walk us through how things should work and then we implement. If there are any issues, they are our first call,” said Wong.

A highly efficient post-production workflow process is essential to the
business. The introduction of postproduction software, SGO Mistika Ultima (represented by Scalar) has been a key factor in helping Eggplant streamline the finishing process, saving on the time and talent required to complete projects.

Scalar is always on point for any issues we have; they walk us through how things should work and then we implement. If there are any issues, they are our first call.

Dan Wong
Managing Director, Eggplant Picture & Sound


Mistika Ultima’s post-production Hero Suite lets Eggplant manage the editing, visual effects, composition, and colour all within the one system. When the need arises to incorporate editorial changes in the final online stage, some competitive platforms require the client to go back to the offline toolset to make timeline revisions, meanwhile Mistika does not. This shows that it’s full-featured capabilities and optimized workflow saves time, and therefore money. Wong is enthusiastic in describing the benefits of the Mistika platform, “We win on time, we win with talent, and we create efficiencies at every corner.”

In addition to representing the Mistika software, Scalar works with Eggplant to ensure any new technology introduced aligns with the technical infrastructure Eggplant has put in place. “Our goal is to ensure Eggplant is able to leverage the full potential of the technology that will help them continue to deliver exceptional results for their clients,” said Pascal Favron, Product Specialist, Creative Finishing at Scalar.


“Scalar makes it easy to bring a solution in-house and they answer all of our questions, we literally have not had any issues,” said Wong.

What We Did for This Client

  • System integration, training, and technical support for Mistika Ultima post-production system
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