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Posted November 27, 2018 in Cloud

Highlights & Announcements from HashiConf ’18

I recently had the pleasure of attending HashiCorp’s HashiConf at the Fairmont Nob Hill in San Francisco. Over the past six years, I’ve sold integrations and licensing around HashiCorp’s products, but this was my first year attending the conference. HashiCorp’s product offerings have matured significantly over the company’s seven-year history, and I was keen to learn and network with some of the 1000+ attendees. Below are some statistics I wanted to share that shed some light on why there is so much hype around HashiCorp:

  • 6 of the Fortune 10 companies are commercial customers, as well as over 100 of the Fortune 500 companies
  • There are 3000 open source contributors (Terraform has 1200 alone). By comparison, Apache Spark has 800

These stats tell me that much of the enterprise community has gone hybrid/multicloud, and that both the enterprise and open source communities are betting big on HashiCorp. I’ve seen Terraform become a standard for infrastructure provisioning across a variety of environments. Our team has been working on several Vault and Consul opportunities, so sessions around those products and use cases were of particular interest. The four commercial products hope to enable workflows, give insights and intelligence, and increase productivity while minimizing costs and risk.

Below is a high-level breakdown of HashiCorp’ Open Source/Enterprise Products:

  • Terraform – Infrastructure Ops/Provisioning
  • Vault – Security/Secrets Management
  • Nomad – Declare, Plan, Run, and Monitor Applications
  • Consul – Networking/Control Plane Monitoring for containerized environments

Features supporting all of the above includes:

  • Sentinel – Policy as Code framework across enterprise products
  • Packer – Create AMIs

*Note: All of HashiCorp products have open source and enterprise flavors, and that all support both hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

The sessions themselves were fantastic and the speaker lineup from HashiCorp was solid. From Engineers to Advocates, there was a lot of talk about new and existing features. As a self-proclaimed “talker and not typer” I won’t go into detail on all the announcements made at HashiConf this year. Some announcements to note include:

  • Vault 1.0 Preview Release
  • Vault Open Source to include Auto Unseal (demonstrated live by nonother than Kelsey Hightower!)
  • Consul Connect Open Source is now GA
  • Terraform v.0.12 and introductions to the HCL configuration language
  • Terraform now supports Remote Plans and Applies
  • HashiCorp Learn

What I found to be the most powerful was hearing stories from HashiCorp’s customers including eBay, Target Corporation, Reddit, Bloomberg, and Deluxe Entertainment describe their experience with a variety of products. Other highlights of the week included running into Jeff Barr, Chief Evangelist at AWS, and having a quick chat with Dave McJannet, CEO of HashiCorp, who outside of being a great guy, also happens to be Canadian.

Hopefully I’ll see you at HashiConf in 2019!

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