2019 Scalar Security Study: The Cyber Resilience of Canadian Organizations

We’re excited to present our fifth annual Security Study, The Cyber Resilience of Canadian Organizations, which has found that there is a new normal across the threat landscape. Cyber security incidents – whether they be exfiltration, infiltration, or denial of service – are now occurring on a regular basis.  Throughout the study, we surveyed hundreds of IT security professionals to determine: 

  • What are the effects on Canadian organizations as attacks become ever more sophisticated, frequent, and severe?
  • What is the cost of ill preparedness?
  • Where are Canadians placing their bets on security technologies?
  • What should you consider when it comes to an evolving threat landscape? 

Download the study to learn what IT security professionals reported on their cyber security readiness against today’s threat landscape. 

Pour télécharger un exemplaire du rapport en français, cliquez ici.

Download the complete study and gain valuable insight into Canada’s cyber resilience and threat landscape.

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