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Posted January 7, 2019 in Cloud

Overarching Significance of AI/ML and Next Generation of Change

We’ve all heard it said before that the newest emerging technology will change the way the world functions. AI and machine learning (ML) enthusiasts will tell you the same thing; however, in this case, they may be right. Up until now, technology has been limited by the knowledge that was available when it was created. Yes, research and development may have uncovered ideas never tried before and given birth to truly disruptive technologies, but AI and machine learning are different. The entire idea is that they are ever-changing, ever-improving, and ever-learning.

Endless, in this case, really means endless.

Writing code or writing a commercial

Access to unlimited information and the ability to analyze that information has already provided some fascinating applications of AI and machine learning. The development of Bayou, AI that can use neural sketch learning to study code posted on GitHub, means that AI is starting to write its own code, something that has been attempted in the past, but has finally seen some breakthroughs this year. IBM’s Watson was hired to write a television commercial for Lexus by studying past award-winning commercials and although there were still many humans involved in its creation, the commercial’s story is pretty captivating.

A little less sexy, but equally as groundbreaking, has been AI and machine learning’s ability to detect and respond to cybersecurity threats. The technology can sift through big data and recognize patterns, making response times to suspicious behaviour much shorter and streamlining security for the end-user. This is already proving to be a huge advantage for consumers using mobile payment.

IT professionals need to pay attention

AI and machine learning are not going away. IT professionals need to ensure that their organizations are prepared to adopt this technology as it disrupts their industries and becomes a major competitive edge for those who embrace them. Digital transformation will play a large role in an organization’s ability to incorporate AI and machine learning into their IT infrastructure, so we highly recommend seeking the help of digital transformation specialists to set a foundation for an AI future.

AI/ML now and AI/ML in the future

Just as we already said that AI and machine learning really will transform IT, future applications of this technology are still sitting at someone’s computer, on someone’s Post-It note, just waiting to get a chance to be fleshed out. The uses for AI we’ve already seen are impressive and are helping organizations run more efficiently and securely, but we feel confident saying that we haven’t seen anything yet. The best way that an organization can prepare for disruptive technology (and its future applications) is by developing an infrastructure that is agile enough to embrace innovation as opposed to trying to push and prod outdated systems to keep up. If your organization is considering plans for 2019, digital transformation should be at the top of that list.

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