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We meet you where you are. Every business is at a different stage of technology adoption or maturity. Explore the services that fit your organization for now and in the future.

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Meeting you where you are

We meet you where you are. Every business is at a different stage of technology adoption or maturity. Explore the services that fit your organization for now and in the future.

Infrastructure Migration Strategies

Explore strategies to see how they fit your goals

Hybrid Infrastructure

Consistent with a growing trend in IT to become more and more about microsystems, organizations are looking to replace large, monolithic systems and replacing them with smaller pieces that all connect together —and can be scaled up or down on the fly.
When to Use
  • Creating a stronger customer experience requires agility and flexibility. When each piece does its specific job efficiently while connecting to other pieces, the sum is a robust infrastructure better able to support growth
  • Create continuity between disparate information security models, processes, procedures and people policies that may be created by corporate mergers or new strategic partnerships
  • Mitigating risk associated with corporate audits with compliance reporting and assessments

Serverless Architecture

Serverless computing is in line with the trends of cloud computing and moving towards modularizing applications as small micro services, allowing developers to focus on innovation without having to worry about infrastructure — and pre-purchased capacity.
When to Use
  • Meet the personalized, always-available, and digital customer experience that your customers expect when they do business with you
  • Reduce resources needed to roll out new initiatives because the infrastructure is managed, creating a more agile environment for innovation

Reduce Risk and Costs

Consumption-based pricing models that shift capital expenditures to operational expenditures helps reduce risk, frees up capital, and provides increased flexibility.
As more and more organizations shift towards Infrastructure as a Service, and Platforms as a Service, organizations and IT departments will be transformed.
When to Use
  • Exploring infrastructure models outside of on-premise data centres
  • Reducing overall Total Cost of Ownership
  • Improving scalability and flexibility with organizations that need to do more with less

Security and Prevention

With enterprise data of regular business dealings moving to, from and between clouds, vulnerabilities emerge.
Enterprise IT security and infrastructure needs to be data-focused, creating uninterrupted pathways that encrypt, protect and recover.
When to Use
  • Adopting cloud-based infrastructure that requires data to be secure, protected and backed up
  • When data flows between cloud environments
  • Meet governance, security, and compliance requirements

Overcoming Challenges

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