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Posted February 8, 2019 in Security

Security in Software

As security moves into the realm of detection and response, VMware’s software-defined approach has become central to the discussion here in Canada. The Scalar Security Study 2019 mirrors much of what we have seen amongst Canadian organizations. 

100% of Canadian organizations report having experienced a breach, and 58% of those had data exfiltrated – those findings aren’t a surprise to those who are close to the challenge but should serve as a red-flag to business leaders.

Traditional security relies on tools that sit outside of the environment, acting as a watchdog as information passes in and out of systems. It can be very difficult to identify malicious behaviour when sitting on the outside trying to look in. That challenge in properly detecting malicious behaviour is a key contributor to some of the shortcomings noted in the study. Outside-in just isn’t working, but there is a better way. The vast majority of workloads are running on VMware today, which gives us the unique ability to address security from the inside-out applying knowledge of the intended behaviour at very low levels to help make informed decisions on security posture. We can then react to threats leveraging tools already built-in to the VMware platform or interact with additional outside services to neutralize the threat.

As one of only a handful of Master-Services Competency partners in the world, Scalar is ideally positioned to leverage these unique VMware capabilities to help organizations reduce their attack surface and mitigate many of the challenges highlighted in the Security Study.

vSphere Platinum – Most VMware customers have access to incredibly strong security tools in the latest version of vSphere, including encryption and other capabilities that have been added as part of regular upgrades. Additionally, a new Platinum Edition of vSphere was released this year which leverages our low-level understanding of how applications interact with each other and combines that with machine learning to provide next-level detection and response capabilities right inside the hypervisor. 

Virtual Cloud Network – As most Canadian organizations onboard multiple cloud capabilities, applying consistent network and security policies across those clouds has become a challenge. As highlighted in the study, “Cloud Security strategy is not keeping up with adoption rates.” VMware’s Virtual Cloud Network extends our unique software-defined approach to zero trust network security across all of your cloud providers.

Secure Digital Workspace – Detect, Protect and remediate must extend to the Enduser and the devices they bring into your network. VMware® Workspace ONE™ Trust Network™ provides organizations with a comprehensive and modern enterprise security approach to secure employees, applications, endpoints and networks. When trust is established across a digital workspace, the result is an interconnected, least-privilege system that empowers employees by having security follow them.

Intrinsic Security – Security shouldn’t be an afterthought, it should be ubiquitous, automated and included in every aspect of running your multi-cloud environments.  Leverage the vRealize cloud management platform to automate, enforce, and audit network and security policies across public and private cloud deployments.

The Scalar Security Study highlights an evolving threat landscape in Canada and highlights areas of opportunity for Canadian organizations. VMware is proud to partner with Scalar to help advance the security of all Canadians.

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