Adopting automation wherever possible within your cloud environment serves to 3 purposes: reducing toil, increasing efficiency, and improving accuracy. Removing human labour and human error from the equation if often the first step to optimizing your cloud-based environment.

Modern cloud platforms and software tools are designed such that every activity can be executed through an API. This creates a scenario where anything can be done programmatically by machines, instead of by people. Humans are prone to error, and executing repetitive tasks is both time consuming and an inefficient use of peoples’ time. Automation also permits executing tasks much more frequently, meaning cloud resources can be turned on or off as requirements vary even by small amounts. By instigating automated actions with known triggers, the human element can be completely removed from a wide variety of cloud activities.

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What to Expect

What to Expect


  • Experience with a variety of cloud-native and third-party automation tools


  • Reduce toil
  • Improve the efficiency and accuracy of cloud activities
  • Reduce costs

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