Cloud Services Adoption

Perhaps nothing provides a greater return on investment than the adoption of managed cloud services. The value of outsourcing operational support, and never again having to worry about patching, upsizing, or upgrading critical systems is hard to deny.

Although many companies initially see cloud as a way to stop buying equipment and colocation space, adopting managed cloud services can provide significant advantages. With these managed offerings, the cloud provider owns the operational overhead associated with maintaining the system. In addition, many of the products are born out of the provider’s own need to build highly reliable systems at massive scale. Adopting these services allows any company to benefit from all the experience and skill of the world’s largest IT organizations, without the time and expense of building it themselves.

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What to Expect

What to Expect


  • Support for a wide variety of common systems
  • Built for webscale
  • ‘All-in’ pricing


  • Scale almost infinitely
  • Offload operational costs
  • Reduce licensing costs

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