Cloud Workload Readiness Assessment

A Scalar Workload Readiness Assessment will help you document current workloads and understand the best way (or not) to take them to the cloud with consideration for both technical and non-technical complexity factors.

59% of Canadian organizations use cloud technology for application or workload delivery models and the pull to adopt this powerful technology is only getting stronger. While the urgency is warranted, proper preparation can’t be stressed enough. In the latest Scalar Cloud Study, we saw 100% of experienced cloud users agree that a formal roadmap is required when migrating workloads to the cloud. Scalar analyzes organizations’ cloud viability and offers complete outlines for smooth adoption.

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Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

Though a combination of technical and consultative discovery, a Workload Readiness Assessment seeks to identify all of the factors that make potential migration targets more or less suitable for cloud. The ultimate deliverable is to assign each workload an ‘R-rating’ that corresponds with the level of effort needed to migrate that workload: from a simple re-platform (aka ‘lift and shit’ as is), to re-architecting or fully replacing (that application will never move in its current state). Workloads are then grouped, and in combination with an overall adoption strategy, to form the basis for a migration plan.


  • Unlike automated assessment tools, the combination of technical and consultative discovery methods provides detailed, client-specific output
  • Established, proven methodology makes a Workload Readiness Assessment quick to quote, and cost-effective to execute


  • Begin building a compelling business case for migrating workloads to the cloud
  • Make informed decisions regarding potential early candidates for migration, and increase the likelihood of achieving positive results
  • Set the foundation for future migration plans

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  • 59%
    Of Canadian organizations use cloud technology for application or workload delivery models
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