Manual and Technology-Based Migrations

Many cloud success stories highlight new, born in cloud companies; however, for most companies, the journey into cloud includes the additional complexity of migrating some or all of their existing assets.

Cloud migrations come in a variety of forms. From small Proof of Concepts, to wholesale moves. The size of migrations is further complicated by the myriad different applications that are targeted. Although there are established tools and approaches, each migration has its own unique mixture of opportunities and challenges. Successfully migrating to cloud requires a balance of knowledge, experience, and detailed execution. From large to small, our consultants have successfully migrated hundreds of workloads to cloud.

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Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits


  • Experience migrating hundreds of applications
  • Support for manual and ‘factory’ approaches


  • Avoid common pitfalls by leveraging Scalar’s extensive experience
  • Achieve results faster
  • Focus your efforts on innovation

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