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Scalar is the leading Canadian software solution provider for the Media and Entertainment Industry. We are your best source for software, consultation, service, and support in the film, TV, video, web, gaming, and interactive industries. We serve thousands of clients, ranging from freelancers and start-ups to some of the largest studios in the industry.

We have the expertise to provide solutions for common studio challenges such as:

  • Increasing demand for render facilities (HD, 3D, and large-format film)
  • High total cost of ownership to support these facilities (space, power, cooling, people)
  • Facilities are permanent and exist beyond individual projects
  • Facilities lie idle outside of these projects
  • Facilities date and technology becomes obsolete
  • Security must be maintained in an ever-changing environment


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Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

Our M&E experts works hand in hand with our infrastructure, cloud, and security teams to provide you with the best in class offerings that will keep your projects on time, secure, and on budget.


  • Exclusive partnerships with Pixar, Clarisse, and Golaem
  • Award winning partner with Autodesk (Gold Status)
  • First Autodesk M&E certified service provider in Canada
  • Only certified AWS and ThinkBox reseller in the world
  • Partnerships with Intel, Dell EMC, Quantum, Ruckus, and Extreme
  • Industry veterans on staff to support you and your projects


  • Access to the largest network of C-Level decision makers
  • Access to the best and most flexible pricing in the country
  • Real world, in-studio pipeline architecture consultation
  • Greatest access to certified cloud developers in the industry
Technical Support

Technical Support

We have manufacturer-certified technical resources with over 50 years of combined experience in TV, VFX, games, and feature animation production. Additional support services include system architecture and design visualization, as well as front-line software support.

Pipeline Consulting

Pipeline Consulting

We are the digital media experts when it comes to pipelines, infrastructure, servers, storage, and networking. StudioCloud was designed to meet the strict security guidelines set out by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), and Scalar’s facilities are monitored and managed 24/7/365.

Creative Financing

Creative Financing

We understand the immense rendering costs studios face. For that reason, we offer several flexible ways to reduce costs, including lease financing of equipment, outsourced managed services, critical infrastructure hosting, as well as equipment and software rentals.



Designed specifically for the media and entertainment industry, StudioCloud takes the burden of technology off your hands to let you focus on creating great work. With over 100,000 cores and four data centres across North America, we offer a completely secure, fully managed and infinitely scalable solution for studios of any size. Plus, we’re MPAA-audited.

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With strategic partnerships with Autodesk, Pixar, AWS Thinkbox, Google Cloud, Chaos Group, Clarisse, Golaem, and more, we can consult and advise you from storyboard to final render, locally or in the cloud.

Numbers Are Our Lifeblood

We believe that data drives smart decision-making

  • 100+
    Years of combined experience in the industry
  • 15+
    Staff across the country have 50+ IMDB credits to their name
  • #1
    Server, storage, workstation, network, and VFX software integrator

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