VDI computing has seen a dramatic change over the course of several years, and its evolution continues. Businesses are struggling to meet the demands of a much more mobile workforce. Anytime, anywhere access isn’t considered hyperbole. End user productivity drives business forward and is critical to our clients’ success.

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What to Expect

What to Expect

Business is demanding solutions that allow the workforce to be productive whenever, and wherever the workplace is, and end users want the same UX they’re accustomed to when within the physical confines of the company infrastructure – regardless of where they are. We have crafted and installed thousands of virtual end user instances alongside the best of breed technologies from VMware and Citrix. Leveraging solutions from VMware Horizon, Wyse, and Nvidia GPU virtualization, we provide leading edge clients security peace of mind. We have proven success with clients ranging from engineering firms to investment banks who have all experienced centralized control, increased security, and business continuity that VDI provides.


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