Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability Management Service is a core service required to protect your critical business systems from compromise. Our service provides a way to continually identify potential vulnerabilities on systems, and produces a detailed plan on how to remediate and remove those vulnerabilities from your critical business systems.

We bring a new way of looking at security by prioritizing alerts and response based on asset criticality. We work to understand what is most important to your business and then structure our services around protecting that data first. Our Vulnerability Management Service combines advanced security analytics, response, and incident management with business insight to provide comprehensive and contextual protection of your environment.

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Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits


  • Continual scanning of your internal and external environments
  • Rapid identification of vulnerabilities on critical business assets
  • Advanced trending and analysis reporting of your vulnerabilities
  • Recommendations on patch prioritization based on critical business assets and key risks
  • Validation that patches were successfully deployed ¡ Service from highly skilled and experienced staff in our Cyber Security team


  • A programmatic approach that ensures vulnerabilities are identified and remediated quickly to minimize your business risk
  • Rapid identification of vulnerabilities allows you to quickly take action to patch affected systems, or put compensating controls in place to minimize risk
  • By providing trend and analysis reporting on vulnerabilities, organizations can better understand their risks, fix systemic issues, and effectively plan remediation activities
  • Continual validation provides reassurances that systems were patched effectively
  • Leveraging our skilled and specialized staff allows you to reduce the impact of costly security staff recruitment and training
  • Predictable monthly costs allow you to reduce or eradicate upfront capital costs for technology, and budget effectively
  • Our solution is designed to scale for growth with your business, if required
  • Not having to worry about the management and monitoring of your environment allows you to refocus your staff on core business activities
Backed by our Advanced Security Operations Centre

Backed by our Advanced Security Operations Centre

All of our managed security services are supported by a highly skilled and experienced team operating from our state-of-the-art Advanced Security Operations Centre, a 3,000 square foot, secured facility. The facility operates on a 24x7x365 basis, with the team organized in a role based, specialist format, with malware experts, incident handlers, and security threat analysts all playing a unique role. This method of organization allows us to investigate alerts and manage incidents in the most efficient and insightful way. Our facility also offers a separate, restricted-access forensics lab, along with a client-facing incident war room. The war room is used for large-scale client security incident handling.

Why Leverage Managed Security Services?

Why Leverage Managed Security Services?

Despite the increased focus on security, only 46% of Canadian organizations are not confident in their ability to detect and respond to a cyber security breach. A lack of in-house expertise and an insufficient number of skilled personnel were two of the top reasons respondents cited as to why they could not effectively manage their security posture.

Managed Security Services allow you to leverage our highly specialized skills, technology, and expertise, directly matched to your business need, all for a predictable monthly cost.

Why Scalar?

Why Scalar?

  • We are the #1 ICT Security Company in Canada on the Branham300 list for 2014 to 2018
  • Canada’s Best Managed Companies, 2018
  • Named a “Major Player” in the IDC MarketScape for Managed Security Service Providers
  • We are SOC 1, SOC 2, Protected B, and PCI certified in our data centre controls

Numbers Are Our Lifeblood

We believe that data drives smart decision-making

  • 10
    One of the top 10 most effective tactics to protect against threat
  • 3.7
    Million dollars in cost to Canadian organizations from breaches last year
  • 90
    Hours of downtime due to breaches each year

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