Free your imagination and your technology constraints with Scalar StudioCloud.

Talk to our dedicated Media and Entertainment professionals and harness exponential computational power to run your studio for a low, fixed fee.

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Success in the Media and Entertainment industry requires creativity but often relies on huge investments in technology, and that’s not why you started a studio. We've levelled the playing field and created StudioCloud, a completely secure, fully managed, infinitely scalable solution, customized to you. Best of all, we offer an MPAA-audited environment for studios of any size.

  • Low cost, high touch

    Scalar StudioCloud is a flat, all-in, low fee on a 36 month term commitment. You'll feel in control with a concierge-like experience. You dictate your technology stack, without a capital outlay, and we take care of the rest. You're billed for the servers you take on, that's it.

  • Sell what you don’t use

    Being part of our Exchange means that you can sell or sub-lease your excess servers to any other studio using the service, all at a higher rate than you paid. Recoup your costs and mitigate risk.

  • More Fast, less Furious

    Provisioning is fast — just sign up and get going. Connect to our data centres in Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal over an ultra-high-speed network and experience high-performance, low-latency data transfer resulting in faster job cycles.

  • Be a security leader too

    We've built the StudioCloud platform with high security in mind because we know what's important to studio owners. Nothing damages a reputation like a leak. We plug the holes.


Ron Stinson

"We have recovered about 50% of our lease costs during the last 12 months, and still had the server resources available when necessary to complete our CG projects"