Introducing StudioCloud

Designed specifically for the media and entertainment industry, StudioCloud takes the burden of technology off your hands to let you focus on creating great work. With over 100,000 cores and four data centres across North America, we offer a completely secure, fully managed and infinitely scalable solution for studios of any size. Plus, we’re MPAA-audited.


Scalable Capacity

Access our infinitely scalable pool of render capacity with the term length that suits your projects.

Flexible Pricing

For baseline render needs, choose a longer-term lease with lowest price per node and day. Add shorter-term rentals for project-based work.


Deploy an entire studio of infrastructure in days to weeks —including workstations, storage and core network.

StudioCloud Exchange

Sell or sublease excess servers to other member studios to recoup your costs and mitigate risk.

How It Works

Select the location you want to render, connect to our Animation/VFX render purpose-built data centres via dark fibre and light up render capacity with the look, feel and security of being on your premises. If access to talent and tax credits means you need to shift locations, just scale up capacity at a new StudioCloud site. If your nodes are idle, you can sub-lease them at a higher rate than you paid.

Strategically Placed Locations

Our data centres in Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal serve you via an ultra-high-speed network. You get high-performance, low-latency data transfer for faster job cycles.

Scale up at a moment’s notice

Increased capacity is yours for the asking, and it’s yours without the expected capital outlay. Tell us what you need, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Outside Talent and Tax Credits

Need to access outside talent or take advantage of tax credits? We make it easy. Just scale up capacity at a new StudioCloud site.

Sublease your nodes with Studio Exchange

With StudioCloud Exchange, your IT budget can be a profit centre. Excess server capacity can be subleased or sold to any other studio using our service. It’s the ideal way to recover costs and mitigate risk.

Successful Clients

See how StudioCloud facilitated access to cutting edge technology so Rainmaker could keep up with production demands and remain competitive.

Technical Specs

  • High Security

    A fully air-gapped network accredited by MPAA and Disney/Marvel, plus data centre redundancy with access control and security cameras.

  • Fully Managed

    24/7 monitoring and support from StudioCloud engineers, backed by Scalar’s own network operations and security operations centre.

  • Dark Fibre

    Our data centres in Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal connect you via an ultra-high-speed network for high-performance, low-latency data transfers.

  • Purpose Built

    StudioCloud is designed for animation and VFX, with high core count, frequency, and memory compute nodes.

  • Blazing Performance

    We use Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors with Intel® C620 Series Chipsets for the performance today’s studios demand.

  • Reduced Costs

    With Intel® Optane™ Technology, fast caching and storage give you reduced transaction costs for latency-sensitive workloads.