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Posted June 18, 2019 in ServiceNow

Why is Everyone Talking About ServiceNow? 3 Things You Need to Know from Knowledge 2019

ServiceNow is on quite a roll these days.

After announcing record Q1 revenue, 36% year over year growth, and their stock at an all-time high, ServiceNow hosted 20,000 interested customers and partners at their annual Knowledge 2019 conference in May. In his keynote, President and CEO John Donahoe said, “We are on the precipice of technology fundamentally changing our lives at work. We are very motivated to help enable that future of work. In fact, it’s at the very core of our purpose as a company.” Donahoe continued by asking each of us in the audience why our digital experience at work can’t be similar to the great experiences that consumers, like you and I, already receive at home.

Really. Why not?

At home, we’re used to mobile apps and one or two clicks to get what we want. The best service is fully automated, available when you need it, and accessible from anywhere on your mobile device. So how is ServiceNow planning to accomplish this?

1. ServiceNow isn’t just IT help desk software

ServiceNow is a platform company focused on digitizing workflows that bring together many departments and groups. ServiceNow has an HR module, Security Operations, Customer Service, Vendor Management, and just introduced a Finance Operations module at Knowledge 2019.

2. ServiceNow’s mobile application development platform

To provide an experience similar to the one we are familiar with at home, ServiceNow is taking a page out of the playbook that has made iOS and Android a huge success. ServiceNow is providing a mobile development environment to its user community to harness the collective creativity and power of the people. A collection of apps will appear that will digitize common workflows and enhance our productivity. At Knowledge 2019, ServiceNow announced new strategic agreements to jointly develop and bring to market new products and solutions on the Now Development Platform. A few days later, ServiceNow announced the acquisition of Appsee, an in-app mobile analytics platform to add deep analytics and make it possible for ServiceNow to provide a richer consumer-grade experience for mobile apps built on their platform.

3. ServiceNow is harnessing the power of Google Cloud

ServiceNow announced a strategic partnership with Google Cloud to integrate Google’s best in class artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) capabilities into its platform. One of the first capabilities will expand a company’s ability to support a global workforce with dynamic translation.  Throughout human history, language has been one of the barriers preventing people from delivering seamless services across geographies. Today, organizations can scale support and services globally with real-time language translation. ServiceNow will translate communication streams and data inputs into an employee’s preferred language, so everyone can converse in the language of their own choice. ServiceNow and Google will also be developing additional AI and ML capabilities around document, speech, and image understanding.

Looking ahead, as companies increasingly shift to the cloud and business demands increase the use of public and hybrid cloud infrastructures, ServiceNow can extend digital workflows beyond the four walls of their own datacenter to include a company’s cloud investments. Optimizing cloud operations has been tedious as operations teams have lacked visibility into their cloud investments. The ServiceNow integration for Google Cloud Platform will apply business context to operational issues. This will allow organizations have a single, easy-to-use business view into their resources and business services on Google Cloud Platform to manage these services effectively.

Over the course of four days at Knowledge 2019, ServiceNow made a series of announcements designed to continue its focus on “making the world of work, work better for people”.  It is quite clear ServiceNow is building a product that does just that.  See you at Knowledge 2020 in Orlando!

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